Green Tea and Papaya Can Help With Prostate Cancer!

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Papaya and Green Tea Can Help with Prostate Problems

Drinking Green Tea  regularly and choosing to eat Lycopene rich foods (papaya, tomatoes, apricots, watermelon, guava and pink grapefruit) may actually reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer. Recent research published by the Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition (Jian L, Lee AH, et al.) noted.

In a case study involving 130 prostate cancer patients and 237 hospital controls, men drinking the most green tea were found to have an 86% reduced risk of prostate cancer, compared to those drinking the least amount of green tea.

Also found in the study, that men who frequently enjoyed fruits and veggies high in lycopene were 82% less likely to have prostate cancer compared to those consuming the least lycopene-rich foods.

Discovered also was the synergistic complementary relationship between consuming both green tea and lycopene-rich foods. The combination of both resulted in stronger protective effect on the prostate thus reducing the rate of cancers.

Here are some practical tips for adding both these great flavors and veggies to your daily routine:

1. Make a quart of iced green tea ahead and bring it with you throughout the day to sip.

2. Buy some organic apricots and almonds at the store and pack some in a ziplock and keep in your bag for a quick snack and healthy energy boost.

3. Include half a grapefruit or a glass of papaya or guava juice in your breakfast. Look for juice that has no sugar! Read the labels! Make your own!

4. Add papaya to smoothies, fruit salad or add as a garnish to any dinner dish.

5. A nice dinner or appetizer is a half of papaya, a scoop of tuna or cottage cheese, some lemon or lime, unsalted raw or toasted almonds and a spring of mint. Light, healthy and quick!

6. Make your own fresh tomato juice…. a few tomatoes in the blender with a bit of celery and hot sauce…. Serve on the rocks!

7. Make a cold summer soup…  Mix papaya, strawberries and yogurt in a blender for a lovely cold summer soup!