Check Out These Folks Talking About Losing Weight and How To do It!

Raw food diets will supercharge your body so it can drop those pounds and you can feel seriously better. The folks in this video have been on raw foods for many years and they each have a philosophy that they share with different views on why we pile the weight on…

While watching this video I was reminded about the emotional component of food once again and all the trappings of why we hold on to things in general, and that includes our food habits!

Life is surely about change and evolution and paying attention to our thoughts, actions and exercise rationale besides just counting calories and thinking about.

Remember when you were young and emotional trauma hit? Someone might have been there some kind of food substance, be it sweets or whatever and your brain remembers to feel better after a trauma eat_____. I think this might be the beginnings of addictive food relationships….. and that…. my friends totally contributes to many of our unhealthy food choices!