Why Is Healthy Food So Expensive? 3 Reasons!

Yesterday I was in Pathmark and I decided I was going to make the zuchinni with the spiralizer. I wanted some organic zuchinni, I found some.

I bought 6 zuchinni and at the check out it came to $14.97. Now, that is some very expensive zuchinni. Why is it so much more money to buy organic? And I also want to know… why isn’t corn labeled non GMO? or GMO corn as the case may be. I am getting very suspicious about the food we are eating… Are You?

healthy food expensive

1. No chemicals = more labor

Conventional farmers use all of those chemicals and synthetic pesticides because they end up reducing the cost of production by getting the job done faster and more efficiently. Without them, organic farmers have to hire more workers for tasks like hand-weeding, cleanup of polluted water and the remediation of pesticide contamination.

The Organic Farming Research Foundation explained it well: “The organic price tag more closely reflects the true cost of growing the food: substituting labor and intensive management for chemicals, the health and environmental costs of which are borne by society.”

2. Demand overwhelms supply

Retail sales of organic food rose from $3.6 billion in 1997 to $21.1 billion in 2008, according to the USDA, and 58% of Americans claim they prefer to eat organic over non-organic food. However, organic farmland only accounts for 0.9% of total worldwide farmland, and organic farms tend to produce less than conventional farms. Conventional farms have the farmland and the supply to keep costs down since manufacturers are able to reduce costs when producing a product in larger quantities.


3. Higher cost of fertilizer for organic crops

Sewage sludge and chemical fertilizers might not be something you want in your food, but conventional farmers use them because they don’t cost much and are cheap to transport. Organic farmers eschew these inexpensive solutions in order to keep their crops natural and instead use compost and animal manure, which is more expensive to ship.